New Book by Harold James, NCGG Faculty

Thursday, Sep 17, 2020
Making a Modern Central Bank: The Bank of England, 1979–2003

Published:  September, 2020
ISN:  978-1108799492
Publisher:  Cambridge University Press

Making a Modern Central Bank examines a revolution in monetary and economic policy. This authoritative guide explores how the Bank of England shifted its traditional mechanisms to accommodate a newly internationalized financial and economic system. The Bank's transformation into a modern inflation-targeting independent central bank allowed it to focus on a precisely defined task of monetary management, ensuring price stability. The reframing of the task of central banks, however, left them increasingly vulnerable to financial crisis. James vividly outlines and discusses significant historical developments in UK monetary policy, and his knowledge of modern European history adds rich context to archival research on the Bank of England's internal documents. A worthy continuation of the previous official histories of the Bank of England, this book also reckons with contemporary issues, shedding light on the origins of growing backlash against globalization and the European Union.

Harold James is the Claude and Lore Kelly Professor in European Studies at Princeton University. He is also a Professor of History and International Affairs and Niehaus Center of Globalization and Governance faculty associate.