Niehaus Scholars Present Research at the International Studies Association Annual Convention in Montreal, Canada

April 12, 2023

The International Studies Association is a leading, global, interdisciplinary association dedicated to understanding international, transnational, and global affairs. Its Annual Convention attracts academics, practitioners, and policy experts from around the world to exchange ideas and network. This year, numerous current and past Niehaus faculty, fellows, and graduate students traveled to Montreal to present their original research on international political economy, foreign policy, and international organizations. We highlight two panels featuring Niehaus scholars here.

ISA attendees

From left to right: Richard Clark, Shannon Carcelli, Matt Malis, Minju Kim 

Matt Malis, current Niehaus postdoctoral fellow, presented his work on “Bureaucratic Influence in Foreign Policy: Evidence from Ambassadorial Vacancies” on a panel titled “Pioneering Studies on Bureaucratic Politics in International Relations.” His co-panelists included former Niehaus fellows Richard Clark (Cornell University) and Shannon Carcelli (University of Maryland, College Park).

ISA attendees

From left to right: Zoe Ge, Grace Zeng, Rachel Schoner, Tyler Pratt, David Barkhausen, Sayumi Miyano, Minju Kim, Bo Won Kim

Rachel Schoner, current Niehaus postdoctoral fellow, and Sayumi Miyano, graduate student, presented research on a panel on “International Organization and Information” exploring this topic across issue-areas. Rachel discussed human rights in the United Nations, and Sayumi’s work examined overlapping information in the global energy regime. Zoe Ge, incoming Niehaus postdoctoral fellow, presented her project on the institutional design of the World Health Organization.

Other Niehaus-affiliated attendees included Christopher Blair (faculty) and graduate students Dahyun Choi, Ze Han, Vincent Heddesheimer, Lauren Konken, Sojun Park, Jing Qian, Joseph Ruggiero, and Grace Zeng.