New research by Niehaus postdoctoral fellow published in Comparative Political Studies

June 2, 2022

NCGG 2021-22 postdoctoral fellow Junghyun Lim's latest solo-authored paper, titled The Electoral Consequences of International Migration in Sending Countries: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe, is now available at Comparative Political Studies. 

The paper uses an instrumental variable approach leveraging the surge of Polish emigration to the United Kingdom after the enlargement of the European Union to test the effect of emigrants' departure on electoral outcomes in their home country. Lim finds that "emigrants from Central and Eastern Europe tend to be younger, highly educated, and politically more progressive and that the vote shares of far-right parties are larger in regions with higher emigration rates." In addition, exposure to large-scale emigration also affects the vote choices of individuals who remain.

Junghyun Lim received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in July 2021. Her research explores the effects of globalization on domestic politics, with a focus on the political impacts of international migration both in sending and receiving countries. In her dissertation, she examines how international migration flows affect nationalist backlashes and democratic backsliding in sending countries. She is also interested in studying the impacts of technological changes on local labor markets and individual political preferences. 

Starting Fall 2022, she will be a Perry World House Postdoctoral Fellow working on the Borders and Boundaries Project.