Niehaus in the News

Will China's AIIB unsettle the World Bank? New research from Niehaus Ph.D. student and faculty 
Feb. 15, 2023

Jing Qian, James Raymond Vreeland, and Jianzhi Zhao recently published an article entitled "The Impact of China's AIIB on the World Bank" in International Organization

Niehaus Center Co-Sponsors Workshop on the Politics and Regulation of Investment Screening Mechanisms
Nov. 3, 2022

Organized by Sophie Meunier and Sarah Bauerle Danzman, the workshop was held at Princeton University on October 7. Scholars from around the world participated in intense discussions on the dramatic rise of investment screening mechanisms (ISM).

Layna Mosley Speaks at Paris Forum Focused on Sovereign Debt
Aug. 1, 2022

The 9th Annual Conference of the Paris Forum brought together global experts to discuss sustainable financial solutions to sovereign debt. Layna Mosley, professor of politics at Princeton and member of Niehaus Center's executive committee, was on a panel with International Monetary Fund representatives and government officials from Africa,…

Dean’s Dialogue: Globalization — Good Politics, Bad Policy?
Aug. 1, 2022

In this episode of the Dean's Dialogue, Layna Mosley and B. Peter Rosendorff join Dean Amaney Jamal to disentangle the backlash against globalization and consider what’s ahead. Mosley and Rosendorff are based at the Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance at SPIA, which hosted a conference focused on this topic earlier this year.&nbsp…

States, Markets, and Foreign Aid Wins APSA Book Award
June 27, 2022

Simone Dietrich's latest book, States, Markets, and Foreign Aid, has been selected as a co-winner of the 2022 Best Book Award by APSA's International Collaboration Section. According to Stephanie J. Rickard, Chair of the International Collaboration Section, the Award Committee was "particularly impressed by the book’s innovative…