IR Faculty Colloquium - Fall 2017

 International Relations Faculty Colloquium

Fall Schedule – AY2018

Bowl 016, Robertson Hall, 12:00pm





September 18, 2017

Emilia Justyna Powell

University of Notre Dame

Islamic Law and International Law: Peaceful Resolution of Disputes

September 25, 2017

Oona A. Hathaway &

Scott Shapiro

Yale University

The Internationalists

October 2, 2017

Beth Simmons

University of Pennsylvania

The Built Environment: State Presence at Border Crossings in the Modern World

October 9 2017

Renard Sexton

New York University/NCGG Fellow

The Perverse Effects of Civic Education: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Peru

October 16, 2017

Eric B. Arias

New York University, NCGG Fellow

Patronage by Credit: International Sources of Patronage Politics

October 23, 2017



November 20, 2017

Noam Gidron

Harvard University, NCGG Fellow

The Politics of Social Status:  Economic and Cultural Roots of the Populist Right 

November 27, 2017

Nicole Weygandt

Cornell University, NCGG Fellow

Crude Choice: Diffusion of Developing World Oil Regimes

December 4, 2017

Abraham Newman

Georgetown University

Intolerant Justice: Cultural Openness and International Cooperation on Transnational Litigation

December 11, 2017

Nick Obradovich

MIT Media Lab

Day-to-day governance in a warming world

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