The Politics of Multinational Firms, Governments, and Global Production Networks

The Politics of Multinational Firms, Governments, and Global Production Networks

Organizers: Helen Milner, Xander Slaski, Sarah Bauerle Danzman, Faisal Ahmed

September 30-October 1, 2016
(By invitation only)


Wallace Hall, rooms 300 & 333
Princeton University

Friday, September 30


Breakfast, Registration and Welcome

8:45 – 9am

Opening Remarks: Helen Milner

9 – 10:30am

Panel 1 - International Regulatory Politics


Chair: TBA

In Song Kim, Helen Milner, Thomas Bernauer, Gabriele Spilker, Iain Osgood, and Dustin Tingley “Firms' Preferences over Multidimensional Trade Policies: Global Production Chains, Investment Protection and Dispute Settlement Mechanisms” (Abstract)

Sophie Meunier “Integration by Stealth: How the European Union Gained Competence over Foreign Direct Investment” (Abstract)

Susan Archury, Rodrigo Nunez-Donoso, and Pablo Pinto “Unpacking the effects of governance on the activities of MNCs: Evidence from U.S. imports” (Abstract)

Emma Aisbett and Lauge Poulsen “Are Aliens Mistreated?: The Relative Treatment of Foreign Firms in Developing Countries” (Abstract)

Adam Chilton
Sarah Bauerle Danzman

10:30 – 11 am

Refreshment Break

11am –12:30pm

Panel 2 - MNCs and Domestic Politics


Chair: Faisal Ahmed

Erica Owen “Foreign Direct Investment and Elections: The impact of greenfield FDI on incumbent reelection in Brazil” (Abstract)

Xander Slaski “Multinational Oil Firms and Host Country Bargaining Power in Latin America” (Abstract)

Stephen Weymouth “Service Firms in the Politics of U.S. Trade Policy” (Abstract)

Ida Bastiaens, Noel P. Johnston, Faisal Ahmed “The Fallacy of Composition” (Abstract)

In Song Kim
Rachel Wellhausen

12:30 – 1:30 pm


1:30 – 3pm

Panel 3 - Expropriation Risk and Nationalization


Chair: Nita Rudra

Rachel Wellhausen and Leslie Johns “The Distributional Effects of Economic Globalization on Political Risk” (Abstract)

Noel Johnston “How Taking from Foreigners Affects Domestic Human Rights” (Abstract)

Joseph Wright and Boliang Zhu "Monopoly Rents and Foreign Investment in Fixed Assets" (Abstract)

Jennifer Tobin “A Bit of Regulatory Chill: Assessing the Effect of BITs on the Enactment of Environmental Regulation” (Abstract)

Stephen Weymouth
Erica Owen

3 – 3:30pm

Coffee Break

3:30 – 5:30pm

Roundtable Discussion - Revisiting The “Democratic Advantages” of Foreign Direct Investment Revisited: Where Does FDI Flow?


Ben Graham and Christopher J. Fariss “The Political Determinants of FDI Flows: New Modelling Approaches” (Abstract)

Quan Li, Erica Owen and Austin Mitchell “Do Democracies Attract More Foreign Direct Investment? A Meta-Regression Analysis” (Abstract)

Eddy Malesky “Pandering Upward: Tax Incentives and Credit Claiming in Authoritarian Countries” (Abstract)

Faisal Ahmed  "The Perils of International Capital" (Abstract)

B. Peter Rosendorff, James Hollyer, and Eric Arias "Cooperative Autocracies: Leader Survival, Creditworthiness and Bilateral Investment Treaties " (Abstract)

Layna Mosley
Leslie Johns


Reception & Dinner
Agricola Eatery
11 Witherspoon Street, Princeton


Saturday, October 1

8 – 9am


9 –10:30am

Panel 4 - Regulating Social Outcomes


Chair: Sarah Bauerle Danzman

Sonal Pandya and Sheetal Sekhri “FDI and the Status of Women in India” (Abstract)

Adam Chilton and Galit Sarfaty “The Limitations of Supply Chain Disclosure Regimes” (Abstract)

Theodore Moran “FDI and Supply Chains in Middle-Skilled Manufacturing in Emerging Markets: Unusual Dynamics of Race-to-the-Top in Regulatory Policy” (Abstract)

Nita Rudra  and Sera Linardi “Foreign Direct Investment and Willingness to Support the Poor in Developing Countries: Experiment in India” (Abstract)

Noel Johnston
Tim Buthe

10:30 – 11 am

Refreshment Break

11 am –12:30 pm

Roundtable Discussion - Frontiers of Research on Foreign Direct Investment


Chair: Dustin Tingley

Sarah Bauerle Danzman and Xander Slaski  “Correlates of Investment Incentives” (Abstract)

Jun Fu “Rationality, What Rationality? Institutional Homoeconomicus: Initial Evidence from FDI in China” (Abstract)

Eddy Malesky and Layna Mosley “Chains of Love? Supply Chains Relationships and the Diffusion of Labor Standards” (Abstract)

Srividya Jandhyala International Organizations and Political Risk – The case of multilateral development banks in infrastructure projects (Abstract)

Tim Buthe and Shahryar Minhas The Global Diffusion of Competition Laws: A Spatial Analysis of the International Spread of Competition Laws as a Policy Against Transnational Anti-Competitive Collusion (Abstract)

Theodore Moran
Eddy Malesky

12:30 – 2 pm

Lunch and Closing Discussion