The Political Economy of State Repression

The Political Economy of State Repression

Princeton University, October 21-22, 2016
Organizers:  Laia Balcells (Duke University) and Carles Boix (Princeton University)
All sessions to be held in Wallace Hall, Room 300


Conference Schedule



Thursday, October 20



Dinner, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Artisan, Private Dining Room

Friday, October 21



Continental Breakfast 


Welcome by Laia Balcells and Carles Boix


Coercion and Violence in Democracies


Isabela Mares (Columbia University)
Welfare coercion as a nonprogrammatic electoral strategy

Discussant: Milan Svolik (Yale University)


Beatriz Magaloni (Stanford University)
Social Order and Police Violence in Rio de Janeiro

Discussant: Liz Nugent (Princeton University)


Will H. Moore (Arizona State University)
Constraining Leviathan: What Torture Teaches Us About Political Institutions and Democracy

Discussant: Maria Paula Saffon (Princeton University)




Micro-Level Studies of State Repression


Lisa Blaydes (Stanford University)
Compliance and Resistance in Iraq under Saddam Hussein

Discussant: Carles Boix (Princeton University)


Shanker Satyanath (New York University) and Sebastian Saiegh (University of California, San Diego)
Social Networks and the Targeting of Violence: Labor Repression in Argentina's Last Dictatorship

Discussant: Laia Balcells (Duke University)


Refreshment Break


Global Studies of State Repression


Sabine Carey (University of Mannheim)
A global study on the institutional determinants of journalist killings

Discussant: Will H. Moore (Arizona State University)


Milan Svolik (Yale University)
Moral Hazard in Repression and the Microfoundations of Authoritarian Breakdowns, Protests, and the Rule of Law 

Discussant: Rory Truex (Princeton University)


Reception, Prospect House, Room A (second floor)


Dinner, Prospect House, Room E (second floor)

Saturday October 22



Continental Breakfast


Dissidence, Protest, and Repression


Susan Stokes (Yale University)
Protests and Repression in New Democracies

Discussant: Lauren Young (Stanford University)


Rory Truex (Princeton University) 
Focal Points, Dissident Calendars, and Preemptive Repression

Discussant: Martin Dimitrov (Tulane University)


Kristine Eck (Uppsala University)
A Repressive Inheritance: Decolonization and Dissent

Discussant: Joan Ricart-Huguet (Princeton University)

12:00 – 1:30pm