Public Opinion and Foreign Aid

Conference “Public Opinion and Foreign Aid: Methodology and Policy Perspectives”

University of Essex

Business School

April 29-30, 2016


Thursday, April 28, 2016 (optional)

3:00 – 5:00p Optional Colchester Castle Tour

6:00p Informal Dinner in Colchester


Friday, April 29, 2016


Breakfast at Wivenhoe House Hotel

Welcome and Introduction to Workshop Simone Dietrich (University of Essex)

9:00-11:00a Session One Chair: Axel Dreher (Heidelberg University)

Presentation 1 

Jennifer VanHeerde Hudson, with David Hudson, Harold Clarke (University College London), Marianne Stewart (University of Texas)
“Why Do People Get Involved with International Development? Modelling Individual Dynamics of Engagement in the UK”

Academic Discussants: René Lindstädt (Essex), Axel Dreher (University of Heidelberg)
A View from Advocacy: Tom Baker (Bond)

Presentation 2 

Matthew Winters (University of Illinois), with Simone Dietrich (Essex) and Susan Hyde (Yale University)

“In the Eyes of Donor Publics: Evaluating the Effects of Branding Foreign Aid with Experimental Evidence”

Academic Discussants: Daniel Nielson (Brigham Young University), Vera Eichenauer (University of Heidelberg)
A View from Policy: Joachim Beijmo (SIDA)

11:00-11:30a Refreshment 

11:30-12:30a: Session Two Chair: Helen Milner (Princeton University)
Presentation 3

Monika Bauhr (University of Gothenburg)

“Turning a Blind Eye? The Impact of Corruption on Aid Fatigue”

Academic Discussants: Thomas Scotto (Essex), Gabriella Montinola (University of California)

A View from Policy: Catherine Chan (DFID)

12:30a-2:00 p Lunch at University of Essex, Business School

2:00-4:00p Session Three Chair: Montinola (University of California, Davis) 

Presentation 4

Tobias Heinrich with William Christiansen, Timothy Peterson (University of South Carolina)

“The Backyard Effects in Democracy Promotion: Evidence from a Survey Experiment”

Academic Discussants: Hugh Ward (Essex), Mathias Koenig-Archibugi (LSE)

A View from Policy: Will Tucker (Will Tucker Consulting)


Presentation 5

Vera Eichenauer (University of Heidelberg) with Bernhard Reinsberg (Cambridge)

“What Determines Earmarked Funding to International Development Organizations? Evidence From the New Multi-bi Aid Data”

Academic Discussants: Helen Milner (Princeton University), Jennifer Tobin (Georgetown University)

A View from Policy: Martin Bruder (Deval Institute)

4:00-4:30p Refreshment 

4:30-5:20 Session Four Chair: Dan Nielson (Brigham Young University)

Presentation 6

Raymond Hicks (Princeton University), with Simone Dietrich (Essex) and Helen Milner (Princeton University)

“From Text to Political Positions on Foreign Aid: Analysis of Aid Mentions in Party Manifestos from 1960 to 2012”

Academic Discussants: Martin Steinwand (Stony Brook University), Jonathan Slapin (Essex)

A View from Policy: Joe Twyman (YouGov)

6:00p Dinner at Greyfriar’s in Colchester 


Saturday, April 30, 2016

7:30-8:45a Breakfast at Wivenhoe House Hotel

9:00-11a Session Five Chair: Tom Scotto (University of Essex)

Presentation 7

David Hudson (University College London), with Jennifer vanHeerde-Hudson, Niheer Dasani (University College London), Susan Gaines (Leeds)

“Emotional Pathways to Engagement with Global Poverty: An Experimental Analysis”

Academic Discussants: Federica Genovese (Essex), Raynee Gutting (Loyola Marymount University)

A View from Advocacy: Alice Delemare (Bond)

Presentation 8

Robert Johns (Essex) with Graeme Davis, Simon Lightfoot (Leeds)

“Needs and Interests: Understanding the British Public’s Balancing of Aid Priorities”

Academic Discussants: Daniel Nielsen (Brigham Young University), Gabriella Montinola (University of California)

A View from Survey Technology: Niklas Anzinger (Dalia Research, Hertie School of Governance)

11:00-11:30a Refreshment 

11:30-1:30p Roundtable: Workshop Synthesis and Future Research Directions
Catherine Chan (DFID), Sven Beijmo (SIDA), Martin Bruder (Deval), Tom Baker (Bond)

Moderators: Joe Twyman (YouGov), Patrick Lown (Essex)

1:30-2:30pm Light Lunch and Departure