International Relations Faculty Colloquium

Since 2005 the NCGG has sponsored the International Relations Faculty (IRF) Colloquium held weekly during the academic year on Mondays at 12:00pm.This weekly colloquium is well attended by faculty, fellows, and both undergraduate and graduate students from various academic departments including Politics, Economics and the School for Public and International Affairs. These meetings have given members of the university community the opportunity to meet and discuss with many scholars doing cutting-edge research in comparative politics and international relations. The guest speakers receive much useful feedback on their research during these conversations, and have had the opportunity to reflect on the work of others that they would otherwise not have been exposed to. It has become a catalyst for intellectual discussions, linking cross-disciplinary faculty, fellows and undergraduate and graduate students through its weekly colloquium series.

Not only as a cost-saving initiative but to have center/program associates talk with one another, some sessions of the Colloquium have been co-sponsored by others (Fung Global Fellows Program, Princeton-Harvard China & World Program, European Union Program, Center for Policy Research on Energy and Environment, and the Program in Law and Public Affairs).

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Upcoming Events

Diplomats and Bureaucrats in International Relations
Jun 2, 2023, 9:00 am
300 Wallace Hall