IR Faculty Colloquium - Fall 2016


  International Relations Faculty Colloquium

Bowl 016, Robertson Hall, 12:15pm




September 19, 2016


Faisal Z. Ahmed,

Princeton University

Does Foreign Aid Harm Political Rights?

Evidence from U.S. Aid

September 26, 2016


Joanne Gowa & Tyler Pratt,

Princeton University

A Requiem for the Democratic Peace

October 3, 2016

Cameron Ballard-Rosa,

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/NCGG Fellow

The Political Economy of Sovereign Bond Issues

October 10, 2016

K. Orfeo Fioretos,

Temple University

The Origins of Informal Global Economic Governance and the Emergence of the G7

October 17, 2016

Johannes Urpelainen,

Columbia University

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Developing Countries' Unity in International Politics

October 24, 2016

David Lindsey,

University of California, San Diego/ NCGG Fellow

Mutual Optimism and Costly Conflict: The Case of Naval Battles in the Age of Sail

November 7, 2016

Jon C. Pevehouse,

University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Structural Theory of Global Governance

November 28, 2016

Beth Simmons,

University of Pennsylvania


December 5, 2016

Nita Rudra,

Georgetown University

The unexpected consequences of free trade: Revenue generation and democracy in the developing world

December 12, 2016

Laura B. Paler,

University of Pittsburgh/NCGG Fellow

Does Cross-Cutting Interaction Reduce Sectarianism? Evidence from a Discussion Experiment in Lebanon


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